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 A Global Battle on a Level Playing Field

A Focus On Skill

Advantages in our SKILL Bowling environment can only be gained through hard work; there are no shortcuts.
By reducing as many variables as possible, we have isolated skill and execution as the dominant factors in success and failure.

bowling (3).png
The Bowler - Not The Ball

SKILL Bowling creates a level playing field where "the hand in the ball is more important than the ball in the hand."

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Strategic Design 

We utilized technology and a decade of field testing to design the SKILL 3.02 bowling ball with reduced capacity to absorb oil and flare. By significantly reducing oil transition, we eliminated the importance of 'whom you follow.' Our oil patterns in New York City will use between 7 and 8 mL of lane conditioner.

What Arsenal?

All participants are limited to one SKILL 3.02 bowling ball during each segment of the Championships.
Each participant will be provided with two SKILL balls for the competition. However, they can use only one ball during each phase of the competition.

The SKILL 3.02

All bowlers will be limited to using a single SKILL 3.02 throughout the competition.

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